Sketchbook – stone still

FINAL-sniffing-frogI can’t draw to save my life. Lucky for me, there’s a computer program called Illustrator that helps me draw straight lines.

How do you become a cartoonist when you can’t draw? I learned not to freak out.

If I have to draw a horse, my first thoughts are  usually “How am I gonna draw a horse? I don’t know how to draw a horse!!!”, but then  I remember the works of French painter Rene Magritte who wrote, underneath the painting of a pipe,  “This is not a pipe” (“Ceci n’est pas une pipe”).  Of course it’s not a pipe… it’s a painting of a pipe!

Magritte's "La Trahison des Images" ("The Treachery of Images") (1928-9) or "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" ("This is not a pipe"). From: Image taken from a University of Alabama site, "Approaches to Modernism"

Rene Magritte’s “La Trahison des Images” (1928-9) From: University of Alabama site, “Approaches to Modernism”

Basically, it doesn’t have to “be” a horse, it just has to “look” like a horse.

So there you go. This is my representation of a horse for you…

Canzine 2014

I had so much fun at Canzine today. This was my first zine convention and I had a great time promoting haiku and Old Pond Comics.

1canzine 2014 nov 8 IMG_3915

Some haiku friends stopped by!

canzine 2014 IMG_3905

My table included Old Pond comics, cherry blossom zines, and interactive comics.

canzine 2014 IMG_3911

My 2014 collection of forty haiku-comics (in black in white) was fresh off the press. I also reprinted three mini comics (in color).

 canzine 2014 IMG_3906

My cherry blossom haiku poems were printed in a fan book that looked like a cherry blossom while open. I also reprinted some copies of a my Cherry Blossoms 24 hour zine I made in July 2012.

canzine 2014 IMG_3909

My two mini-zines How to Write a Haiku and The Seven Stages of Writing were some of the most popular items.

canzine 2014 IMG_3910

My interactive zine featuring translations of Basho Frog Haiku was also very popular. People were intrigued by the format that allowed you to mix and match different translations.

canzine 2014 IMG_3919

I would surely go back to Canzine. The audience was great and the camaraderie amongst vendors made this a very special event.

I was sharing a table with the very talented Heather Joan Tam and her beautiful Ballast Canting pamphlet-stitch zines.


Our table was right next to Colin Upton’s and Kris Sayers’.

canzine 2014 IMG_3925

Colin Upton set up a gallery on the wall behind his table.

canzine 2014 IMG_3923

Kris Sayers (top left) invaded Colin Upton’s art gallery. Colin Upton had to take drastic measures (bottom drawing) to prevent an invasion from Sayers — using a cannon to protect his territory. It was all in good fun.


See you next year!

Haiku-Comics (zine)


IMG_3894 This zine by Old Pond Comics features forty haiku-comics inspired by poems of famous Japanese poets Basho, Issa, Buson and more!

IMG_3887 Inside the booklet, the haiku-comics are separated by seasons.

IMG_3893The center-fold is a series of 4 haiku-comics on Kobayashi Issa’s snail haiku (my favorites).

It’s important to put good comics in the centre because that’s where the book naturally opens when people browse.

IMG_3886Some winter haiku-comics featuring haiku by Kobayashi Issa and Buson.

IMG_3876The cover features a print from Hokusai’s “Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji”.

IMG_3888The back cover features a little portrait of Kobayashi Issa (the main source of inspiration for my haiku-comics).

The zine will be for sale at Canzine this Nov.8 and on the Old Pond Comis online store in 2015.