Haidan (September 2016)


Here’s a glimpse of Old Pond Comics published in Haidan journal in Japan. Every month, My haiku cartoon accompanies an article written by Emiko Miyashita.

Sept 2019 Haidan issue by Emiko

Haidan (September 2016 issue). Photo by Emiko Miyashita used with permission.

I’m very lucky Emiko sends me photos of the issue of Haidan as soon as it comes out since my copy takes time to reach me in Canada.

Emiko writes that the object on the left is a biwa and the rock on the right comes from Nice!

Here’s the comic published in the September 2016 issue of Haidan:


It’s funny how reading the comics two months later I realize perhaps the haiku should have been placed in panel #2 instead.


The Bulletin (July 2016)



Last week-end, I went to the Powell street festival in Vancouver. It’s a Japanese-Canadian festival that celebrates Japanese culture  with traditional Japanese food vendors, musical performers, calligraphy, ikebana demonstrations, etc.

I picked up a copy of The Bulletin (July 2016 issue) where I found the Festival schedule and this month’s Old Pond Comics.

And I purchased these beautiful Japanese paper dolls.