The Next HNA will take place in…

Ghosts on the Queen Mary will tell you where the next HNA will take place.Another HNA 2013 comics by Old Pond Comics.

At the Saturday banquet, Michael Dylan Welch announced the location of the next Haiku North America conference: Schenectady, New York in October 2015 (during the height of autumn leaves season!)



Haiku North America 2013 comics

The comics created during Haiku North America 2013 conference are now up on my website Old Pond Comics.

I was the official HNA Cartoonist-in-Residencer, drafting comics during the day and staying up all night to make them.

The comics were presented at the HNA closing session on Sunday August 18, 2013. Enjoy!



Powell Street Festival

Cover from The Bulletin August 2013It was really cool going to the Powell Street Festival today – a festival celebrating Japanese culture – and seeing on each table stacks of copies of The Bulletin: a journal of Japanese Canadian Community, History + Culture.

The August issue featured not only the schedule of events but also an Old Pond comic on page 4.

Old Pond Comics at the Powell Street FestivalAt the Calligraphy table, a Japanese calligrapher was writing whatever character we wanted. “What do you like?” she asked. “Haiku”, I replied.  After a quick check in her dictionary (she couldn’t remember how many bars were in the first sign), she calligraphed the two characters for “haiku”.

At the next table, I noticed a rubber stamp of a frog and thought it would be a very appropriate decoration for my button. Here’s the result:

The word "Haiku" written in Japanese character on a button