Old Pond comic – Ryokan (the moon)



This first Old Pond comic in color celebrates Ryokan’s famous haiku.

The thief left it behind: 

the moon

at my window.

— Ryokan



Port Townsend Haiku Group in the news!‏

There is an article about the Port Townsend Haiku Group in today’s edition of the Peninsula Daily News! Not only does it feature haiku from some of their members, but it also explains what happens at their monthly meetings, discusses haiku itself, and features some writing tips from Margaret McGee’s new book, “Haiku — The Sacred Art” (in bookstores now). Check out the link:

(Source: Tanya MacDonald)

Kashi cereals love haiku



In the recent Haiku Canada Newsletter, a member was mentioning a box of cereals by Kashi that talked about haiku. Here it is:

Like haiku poetry, our 7 whole grain cereals appear simple at first impression. Upon deeper reflection, you’ll find rich content and diverse ingredients.

A breath of fresh air

For Growth and new beginnings

Kashi is for life.

Looks like they tried to write a haiku (5-7-5).

While we are at it, stop torturing yourself by eating All-Bran. Kashi cereals are delicious, nutritious and high in fiber.

Kashi… a cereal for haiku poets? Maybe they’d accept to sponsor the next Haiku Canada conference in Montreal.

Scan: Kashi cereals High Fiber Flakes Granola


Haiku on KUOW radio


Message from Michael Dylan Welch:

Today on KUOW radio (our Seattle NPR station), haiku was featured for 40 minutes, from 12:20 to 1:00 pm. They focused on summarizing the past year for each individual person.

You can take a listen by going to http://www.kuow.org/program.php?current=TC. Click the audio link and then fast-forward to the 20-minute mark to hear the poems (mostly 5-7-5 creations, since that was what was requested by show host Ross Reynolds, who occasionally called them “haikus” — sigh).

Many poems were presented musically without names, and at least one of them was by a Haiku Northwest member, Patty Hardin. The first line of her poem is “Oh research project.”

Take a listen — and congrats to Patty.       

(Source: Michael Dylan Welch)