GUSTS 10th anniversary – postcards wrapper


gustsforweb2coversIMG_2663To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the contemporary tanka journal GUSTS, editor Kozue Uzawa produced a series of five postcards featuring her favorite covers and asked me to design a wrapper for the postcards.


The front design shows a frog serenading another frog by reciting a  tanka.

gusts-mini-promo-front.largejpgThe back of the postcard wrapper shows a glimpse into the future (parents and kids are playing in the pond).

gusts-mini-promo-backLARGEMy goal was to feature some of the recurring in the tanka journal (love, relationships, family, children, aging, death), which was challenging to do in only two panels.

The concept is simple: two frogs fall in love, they have children, they age, meanwhile their children grow up, fall in love, have children, age, etc. The cycle repeats to infinity (from front to back).


The postcards were recently delivered with GUSTS No. 20 Fall/Winter 2014 (10th anniversary issue). Enjoy!

gustscuwrapIMG_2679   guststableIMG_2674


Renga Wall at Edmonton International Airport


Yesterday, while waiting for a flight connection at the Edmonton International Airport, I toured the art installations and discovered a Renga Wall located in the departures lounge.


The five-line poem looked like a tanka. The words blossoms, fragrant, message, and origami caught my attention.


As I approached, I heard soft music coming from the speaker (the dot on the top of the screen).

There were two posters on each side of the screen. The poster on the left introduced the project:

“Originally titled Wave and exhibited at Enterprise Square at the University of Alberta, the Renga Wall was conceived, designed and built by a team of University of Alberta faculty members and students from the department of Electrical and Computing Engineering, Art & Design, English and Film Studies, Communications and Technology, Drama and Music.”

The poster on the right invited people to contribute a stanza:

“Read some of the stanzas displayed on the Renga Wall screen, then consider writing and submitting your own. Choose an idea or rhyme word from one stanza to become the trigger for the one you contribute. Your stanza will be reviewed, and will appear as soon as it is approved. Stanzas appear anonymously online and on the Renga Wall screen. Visit or scan the QR code above to contribute a stanza!”


Once I got home, I tried to access the Wave Art website to see if I can contribute but unfortunately it leads to an error message that the page is not available on this server.

Isn’t it a great idea, though, this Renga Wall?  I wish we could start seeing haiku in all the major airports.