HNA – gingko at the Experience Music Project




At Haiku North America in Seattle, I confess that I cut short on the gingko walk at the Museum, returned early to the Seattle Centre via Monorail and went to the Experience Music Project to realize one of my teenage dreams: to play the drums! Oh, my frog! It was so much fun! And the EMP building – shaped like a melted guitar – that was really something! (In case you were going to ask, no, I did not buy a hat there…)



Old Pond Comics – NaHaiWriMo 1


Every first day of the month, I am reminded of NaHaiWriMo. Are there still people writing one haiku a day since NaHaiWriMo started in February 2011? 

(I checked on the Facebook page and, yes, there are still people doing NaHaiWriMo. Johnny Baransky is giving the prompts for the month of September.)

I am tempted to participate again and contribute one haiku-comic a day like I did in February 2011.  It’s such a good exercise. I script the comic during my transit to and from work. After work, I make the comic on my computer using Illustrator and I publish it on the Facebook page before midnight. I am tempted, very tempted…

In fact, I’ve made a haiku-comic featuring the prompt for September 1: Calendar.



Will there be second haiku-comic tomorrow? I haven’t decided yet…