Old Pond – The Haiku Path #2




Old Pond comic for 2010-11-29. The Haiku Path is filled with difficult questions. “Paper or plastic?” is not one of them.




Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Winners



Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival
2010 Haiku Invitational Winners

Top Winners



§  British Columbia

biopsy . . .

but just for today

cherry blossoms

Laryalee Fraser, Salmon Arm, British Columbia



  • Canada

holding hands

for the first time

cherry blossoms

DeVar Dahl, Magrath, Alberta


  • United States

a sudden hush

among the children

cherry blossom rain

Melissa Spurr, Joshua Tree, California


  • International

cherry trees in bloom—

if only I could stop

the wind

Lucas Garczewski, Poznan, Poland


  • Youth

the inspiration

for my wardrobe choice today—

pink cherry blossoms

Rukshila Dufault, age 17, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia


To view honourable mentions, visit VCBF website