NaHaiWriMo #29 leap year

NaHaiWriMo #29 leap year

This month of daily haiku-comic has been quite exausting so it’s going to feel pretty good to be resting tomorrow. I thought I would illustrate this feeling in this last comic.

I had lots of fun doing this comic strips using the daily prompts. Visit my website Old Pond to view all the comics again.  As usual, I’ll be posting a new comic every Monday.

See you in February for the next National Haiku Writing Month!


NaHaiWriMo #27 a bad haiku


NaHaiWriMo #27 a bad haiku

It feels really good not to have to worry about the quality of my haiku today.  The following comic was done for Day 24 (the prompt was to use a word with the letter x in it) but I didn’t like the haiku so I didn’t use it.  Now, I can finally take it out today!

I wrote this comic in response to Kathy Uyen Nguyen’s comment on Facebook. After seeing the wig comic, she commented that she would love to see Master Kawazu in a Mohawk hair style. And I can never say no to a challenge, so…

When I placed a rectangle on Kawazu’s head, it didn’t look like a mohawk but like a letter “I” was placed on his head. It reminded me of the letter L, people place on this forehead for “loser”. And the comic was born…

NaHaiWriMo #25 yellow

NaHaiWriMo #25 yellow

Inspired by a haiku from Ryunosuke Akutagawa: Green frog, is your body also freshly painted?

I like to imagine the creation of a tradition haiku, what could have caused the creative spark, and turn the idea on its head.

In this case, it’s not a green frog with a wet and shiny body that inspires the haijin but a frog that just came back from a tanning salon (or spa).

NaHaiWriMo #23 wig

NaHaiWriMo #23 wig.

In the first version of this comic, the wig raised its head and you could see it was a bird laying on Master Kawazu’s head (you can see the wing on the left and the tail), but the bird looked too cartoonish, so I stuck with a more simpler version.

I don’t know how to qualify this haircut. Punk rock gothic cool?

The senryu makes me laugh. A wig that slipped on the face of the suntanning neighbor. Or maybe it was a conscious gesture and he pulled the wig over his eyes like you would of a hat?

NaHaiWriMo #20 umbrella

NaHaiWriMo #20: umbrella.

It should have been easy to write a haiku about an umbrella but I agree with the NaHaiWriMo participant who wrote that it is hard to avoid stereotyped imagery when writing on such a common subject.

I was going to illustrate a haiku by Basho but my little monkey turned out to be pretty ugly. Almost like a sock puppet.  I’ll try again next time. Meanwhile, here’s Basho’s haiku :

the first cold shower

even the monkey seems to want

a little coat of straw