Road signs for haiku poets


Haiku Canada – renku

One of my favorite activities at the Haiku Canada conference is the late night renku with Marshall Hryciuk. In Toronto, while we were struggling to find a good verse to follow difficult links such as “Kokopelli’s flute”, the Living Legends of Haiku Canada (as Marco Fraticelli called them) were doing an anti-renku at the next table with much laughters and, of course, finished earlier than we did.

Old Pond – Toronto

During my first trip to Toronto, one of the wheels of my luggage jammed. The metal got so hot (because of the friction) that I was constantly checking for signs of smoke, extremely concerned that my luggage would catch fire in the middle of Yonge street.

During my second trip to Toronto, from which I’m just returning, the wheel of my new luggage split in half. Pulling my luggage, I left a black mark from Toronton all the way to Vancouver. The streets of Toronto are really tough.

List of haiku contests (summer 2012)

Check out this list of haiku contests for this summer 2012.   (A complete list of haiku contests 2012 is available on Old Pond Comics website. Bookmark the page!)

May 16: Katikati Haiku Contest

May 18-20, 2012 (Victoria Day long week-end): Haiku Canada Week-end in Toronto, ON.

May 31: Bernard Lionel Einbond Renku Contest deadline (extended). See Haiku Society of America website for full submission guideline.



June 4: Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational

The soup, the salad, everything is covered by cherry blossoms (Basho)



July 31: Matsuo Basho  Poetry contest (for the Basho festival in October)

Master Basho in search of inspiration at the old pond


July 31: The Snapshot Press eChapbook Awards


August 1, 2012: Deadline to submit to Frogpond (Fall issue).

Aug 31: The Annual Harold G. Henderson Awards for Best Unpublished Haiku 

Aug 31: The Annual Gerald Brady Memorial Awards for Best Unpublished Senryu

Aug 31: Mainichi Haiku Contest

Mainichi Haiku Contest