Old Pond Comic – Bloom!

I’m blogging about cherry blossom on this new blog: Experience Cherry Blossoms featuring photos, comics, crafts and games.


Old Pond Comic – Magic Wand

Old Pond Comics featuring the prompt “tool” given on the NaHaiWriMo Facebook page for March 11th.
The NaHaiWriMo challenge continues all year round so I thought I would sometimes use the prompt for my weekly comic. 

The haiku was written in French so the translation of the third line is a little bit clunky, I find. Oh well…

Don’t you wish there could be a magic pen that would automatically produces beautiful well written haiku? Or perhaps not.  The joy of haiku is sometimes in the hard work of revising your haiku and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Old Pond Comic – Writing tip

Old Pond Comics featuring the March 5 NaHaiWriMo prompt for “multiple personalities”. 

(NaHaiWriMo is over, but I thought I would still use the March NaHaiWRiMo prompt for my weekly comic on Mondays as long as the theme inspires me.)

Haiku writing tip: It’s  recommended to let your haiku sit at least 24 hours. The world’s best haiku might actually not be that good the next day…