Powell Street Festival

Cover from The Bulletin August 2013It was really cool going to the Powell Street Festival today – a festival celebrating Japanese culture – and seeing on each table stacks of copies of The Bulletin: a journal of Japanese Canadian Community, History + Culture.

The August issue featured not only the schedule of events but also an Old Pond comic on page 4.

Old Pond Comics at the Powell Street FestivalAt the Calligraphy table, a Japanese calligrapher was writing whatever character we wanted. “What do you like?” she asked. “Haiku”, I replied.¬† After a quick check in her dictionary (she couldn’t remember how many bars were in the first sign), she calligraphed the two characters for “haiku”.

At the next table, I noticed a rubber stamp of a frog and thought it would be a very appropriate decoration for my button. Here’s the result:

The word "Haiku" written in Japanese character on a button

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