my umbrella too



Published in Haidan journal, February 2016 (Japan)


my umbrella too

becomes a one-eyed monster

this moonlit night

  • #haiku by #Buson, translated by Emiko Miyashita and Michael Dylan Welch, illustrated by Old Pond Comic



“This umbrella monster is well known in Japan, explained Emiko. It has one eye, and one leg wearing geta (wooden sandal). The author sees the moon through the hole in his umbrella and thinks he / umbrella too has become a one-eyed monster. Moonlit night is the night of Harvest Moon.”




Since January 2016, Old Pond Comics is published in Japan!

My comics are illustrating articles written by Emiko Miyashita — about the translation of haiku from Japanese to English — that are published in the new haiku journal Haidan. Our collaboration will extend until December 2016.





NaHaiWriMo #20 umbrella

NaHaiWriMo #20: umbrella.

It should have been easy to write a haiku about an umbrella but I agree with the NaHaiWriMo participant who wrote that it is hard to avoid stereotyped imagery when writing on such a common subject.

I was going to illustrate a haiku by Basho but my little monkey turned out to be pretty ugly. Almost like a sock puppet.  I’ll try again next time. Meanwhile, here’s Basho’s haiku :

the first cold shower

even the monkey seems to want

a little coat of straw