like young cats



Published in Haidan (April 2016), Japan

like young cats

still ignorant of love

we play with a ball

  • #haiku by Shiki translated by Cor van den Heuvel & Nanae Tamura, from Baseball Haiku


And here’s the comic published in Haidan journal in Japan (photo by Emiko Miyashita):Haidan DSC_0607.JPG


Haiku Video inspired by Shiki

I really like this Haiku Video found on Vimeo that was done for a video production class. It uses a modern-style of film-making to illustrate a traditional haiku by Shiki. I like that the spider is not seen but suggested.  It looks great (except for maybe the close-up of the fly).

Haiku Video (School Project) from BambucO Productions on Vimeo.

A great vessel (haiku by Shiki)

meeting-a-big-vesselAt my first haiku conference, I missed the chance to meet William Higginson. I was a newcomer to haiku and everybody at the conference were poets whose poems I’ve read in haiku anthologies. I felt I had no right to bother this celebrity of the haiku world. So I stayed away, occasionally glancing in his direction. “Wow! William Higginson!” I thought.

When he passed away a few years later, I was sad I never had the courage to speak to him at the conference.

Next time you have a chance to meet your haiku idol, at least shake their hands, even if you have nothing to say.


The spring day:

A small boat going round

A great vessel.

Shiki (Haiku, volume 2 Spring, by R.H. Blyth, p. 380)

Did you know?… Shiki


Brd 001


     On how to sing

     the frog school and the skylark school

     are arguing.




This is a beautiful haiku in itself, although it does gain added point from the fact that its author Shiki had founded what was sometimes called the “Cuckoo school”.


Therefore this poem also refers to the differences between Basho’s school and Shiki’s school.


Reference: An introduction to haiku: an anthology of poems and poets from Basho to Shiki, by Harold G. Henderson