Jumping aside


This haiku-comic was published in The Bulletin: a journal of Japanese Canadian community, history & culture (February 2015 issue)

jumping aside

the crow just laughs…


– Haiku by Kobayashi Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue, illustrated by Old Pond Comics.


Procrastination is not an option

ophaikucannon This Old Pond Comics was inspired by NaHaiWriMo’s daily theme: Absolution.

Sometimes, I like to imagine how Master Kawazu and Kaeru would sum up, in just one line, the lesson in the comic. (There are two versions to each story, like they say…)

“You didn’t write a haiku today? I forgive you… Not!”     –  Master Kawazu.


“Procrastination is not an option when you study with Master Kawazu”

            – Kaeru the apprentice.

These one-liners are tweeted.

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