The trader



NaHaiWriMo #25 (trader/merchant).


Penumbra (NaHaiWriMo 22)



Occasionally I visit the NaHaiWriMo Facebook page to see what’s happening, who’s the prompter (this month it’s RANDALL HERMAN), and what kind of daily writing themes they’re exploring.

The problem is once I read the theme, I can’t help doing a comic about it. .

The prompt for August 22 was penumbra (“during the eclipse it is the shadow on either side of the path of totality”).



NaHaiWriMo #28 nature



Here it is, the final day of the National Haiku Writing Month. I hope you’ll keep on embracing haiku.

The writing prompts selected by Michael Dylan Welch were quite unusual this year.  Michael revealed that “the prompts for this month all came from two sentences (slightly adapted) from R. H. Blyth” (read the post below for the full quote).

Aubrie Cox will be the prompter in March, so go to the NaHaiWriMo page and keep on writing haiku!


NaHaiWriMo #27 buddha




Of course, you can never turn off the neon buddha. He can talk about haiku all night.

power outage

the neon buddha

loses his smile

–haiku by Michael Dylan Welch (published in Daily Haiku)

The neon buddha poems created by Michael Dylan Welch are some of my favorite poems on the web. This one comes from DailyHaiku, but you can read 40 more poems on Michael’s site Graceguts.