How to write a haiku (mini zine)


IMG_3845Here’s my second mini-zine, “How to Write a Haiku”, that will be launched at Canzine this November 8th.

IMG_3847The story is: a frog goes for a walk to get inspiration to write a haiku and things go wrong.

IMG_3851The frog gets a little bit too “hands-on” with a wasps’ nest.

IMG_3871And when she stops to take some notes… the nest falls.

IMG_3860Good news is she still manages to write haiku.

IMG_3861She shows it to her haiku master.

IMG_3863I guess she’ll have to write another one.

IMG_3867This zine will be available at Canzine and on the Old Pond Comics online store in 2015.


The Seven Stages of Writing (a zine by Jessica Tremblay)


Old Pond Comics will have a table at Canzine in Vancouver, B.C. this Saturday November 8. I’ll be launching a new Old Pond Comics collection of Haiku-Comics and a series of  mini-zines. Here is one of the mini-zines: “The Seven Stages of Writing”.




IMG_3770 IMG_3767


“The Seven Stages of Writing” will be available for sale at Canzine this Saturday, as well as on my website Old Pond Comics in 2015 on my online store.