NaHaiWriMo #28 nature



Here it is, the final day of the National Haiku Writing Month. I hope you’ll keep on embracing haiku.

The writing prompts selected by Michael Dylan Welch were quite unusual this year.  Michael revealed that “the prompts for this month all came from two sentences (slightly adapted) from R. H. Blyth” (read the post below for the full quote).

Aubrie Cox will be the prompter in March, so go to the NaHaiWriMo page and keep on writing haiku!



Though it can never fly



Though it can never

fly in the sky, put my wife

upon this carpet

  • Haiku by Michio Nakahara translated by James Kirkup from “Message from Butterfly”, cartoon by Old Pond Comics.

This cartoon was published in Haidan (November 2016) in Japan.

like young cats



Published in Haidan (April 2016), Japan

like young cats

still ignorant of love

we play with a ball

  • #haiku by Shiki translated by Cor van den Heuvel & Nanae Tamura, from Baseball Haiku


And here’s the comic published in Haidan journal in Japan (photo by Emiko Miyashita):Haidan DSC_0607.JPG