Haiku Festival Board Game



This Old Pond Comic is inspired by a presentation “Serious Fun: Gaming the Book Festival” at SHARP 2017 by Beth Driscoll (University of Melbourne) and Claire Squires (University of Stirling) about the creation of a Book Festival board game.

book festival board game

Book Festival-opoly board game by Beth Driscoll and Claire Squires


Old Pond Comics featured at a Haiku Festival in Slovakia

On June 8, I was pleased to receive an e-mail from Martina Grmanova (from Slovakia) requesting permission to translate my comics into Slovak for an upcoming haiku festival:

poster july 10 2015 slovaquie“The event is one of four events me and my friends are trying to prepare as the members of our civic association (nonprofit organization) called Poe3 (pronunciation and meaning is the same as poetry) (. …) The haiku evening should be in July (10th, July) (…) We invited some Slovak haiku writers. But we would like to show also the funny side of the literature – so people could realize, it’s not boring, that literature or creating literature is fun, creative and playful. And your comics are excellent to prove this.

Of course, I said yes and Martina sent me some translated comics like this one:

slovalk 1

But, that’s not all…

“And I made also some bookmarks – how to write a haiku – with help of your comics. (we’re planning a haiku competition during the event). “

The bookmarks are really nice:

bookmark 1 bookmark 2

Big thanks to Martina and her team for sharing their love of haiku with the public during the festival!  So glad Old Pond Comics will be a part of the festival too!