First word of a haiku poet




When I was a young poet in my twenties, it was difficult for me to explain to my parents what a haiku was since I wast just discovering it myself.

Fortunately, a teacher knew what haiku was. After he commented that the short poems I was writing were like haiku, he ordered a haiku book, loaned it to me, and that was the start of my haiku adventure.

When and how did you discover haiku?


chirping for the rice



chirping for the rice

on my cheek…

baby sparrow

– Haiku by Kobayashi Issa translated by David G. Lanoue, illustrated in haiku-comic by Old Pond Comics


Baby panda origami



Here’s how I spend my time while I’m waiting for NaHaiWriMo to begin: I’m making origami cards. The Baby Panda is my favorite model. The head comes from one origami book and the body comes from another.  It’s a Mix and Match origami panda.