HNA2017: the Art of Haiku in High Altitude


The Haiku North America conference took place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, from September 13-17, 2018.

Before the trip, I read a lot of guidebooks and they all mentioned you should drink a lot of water to avoid altitude sickness, so I did.


(If you’re reading this post via e-mail and you’re not seeing the animated frog, click on the image to see the animated gif on the original blog post.)


Luckily, the Hotel Santa Fe provided free bottles of water for guests at the front desk. When I brought a bottle of water to my roommate, she exclaimed, “Aw, it’s nice!” I replied, “‘No problem.” She said, “No, the water… it’s nice!”  She showed me the label and it turns out Nice was the brand name.


Drinking lots of water can cause some inconvenience, such as a full bladder. Is it why they have a bodily fluid clean-up kit on board the Santa Fe free pick up shuttle? I wonder.


In Santa Fe, you’re surrounded by mountains. When you look up at mountains, it’s easy to forget you’re already standing at a high altitude of 7,000 feet.


View from the Santa Fe Hotel Hacienda (I sneaked in to take a picture).

I made a rookie mistake: on my first day in Santa Fe, instead of taking it easy to acclimatize to the high altitude, I went straight to Museum Hill which is, you guessed it, on a hill and even higher than Santa Fe.


View from the Santa Fe Botanical Garden on Museum Hill.

There’s less oxygen at high altitude, so you have to take it easy.  When I walked at my regular pace, which is fast, I quickly became out of breath. I learned I had to slow down, and walk at a slower pace.


View from the Museum Hill Cafe.

So, yeah, this rookie mistake is probably the reason I had to spend a few hours in bed with strong headaches and flu-like body pain.



Despite high altitude sickness, I had lots of fun exploring Santa Fe and attending  the HNA conference. It was an amazing destination and an unforgettable conference.

View from Pizza on the Roof.

Have a look! You can browse through my HNAA 2017 conference photos and comics.


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