Live Drawing with Dancers

IMG_2843Did you do something scary today? I did. I went to Live Drawing with Dancers.

I’ve always wanted to go, but the thought that there would be artists — real artists who can draw — there, and that they might make fun of me, always stopped me.

But today, I decided on three things:

1- I would go.

2- Instead of trying to sketch like everyone else, I would draw stick figures to explore movement.

3- I was going to have fun.

When I  arrived at the lobby of the Queen Elizabeth theatre at 2pm, I saw two dancers – one male and one female – dressed in beautiful costumes, moving in a very graceful choreography. I quietly took a seat and immediately started to draw small kinetic figures.

My first figures were stiff and looked like Chinese characters.  As I loosened up, I drew curved arms, and added little feet.


As my confidence grew,  I added a head to the figures.



I drew the dancer’s tutu as two curved lines on each side of her body.

I started to really enjoy the process.


The dancers changed and came back with black shorts.

As the last hour began, Arts Umbrella instructor Jason Wright said, “Let’s try something loose and goofy.” The session that followed was amazing, as the dancers contorted their body in ways I’ve never seen before, inspiring some of my favorite drawings.



By the end of the session, I had truly found my style and was able to enjoy the process of creating as many stick figures as possible.



So, will I go to the next Live Drawing session? Absolutely. And I will leave my fears at home.


live drawing

the dancer’s shadow

on my page

— Jessica Tremblay


What about you? Is there a thing that scares you that you’ve always wanted to try? What stops you?

8 thoughts on “Live Drawing with Dancers

  1. Wow! What an experience that must have been. Good for you, Jessica! I can relate to all that and admire you for what you did. Way to go!

    Next year I have to start attending more conferences re haiku….I am too isolated here…and I always find contact with other haikists so stimulating…anyway….will have to work on that.


  2. Jessica, What a lovely experience. Thank you for sharing–and the challenge to address our fear of trying something new! The drawings are great and the haiku very special.

    • Thanks Dennise. What I learned that day is: do your own thing and don’t worry about what others are doing. I did peak at what other artists were doing — I saw their beautiful sketches and my heart sank a little bit – but then I forced myself to go back to what I was doing and not worry about anything else. My drawings. My own style. And it was so much fun.

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