Promote your poetry with a beautiful postcard

Whether you’re a haiku poet, photographer or haiga artist, postcards are amazing promotional items to bring to a conference.


The most common postcard sizes are:

  • 4 x 6 inches
  • 5.5 x 4.25 inches
  • 8.5 x 5.5 inches


You’ll find templates in many software like Word, Publisher, InDesign. Many printers offer templates on their website.


Postcards can be expensive to print.  However, the more you print, the less it costs per unit.

At my local print shop you can get 20 postcards for $15 or 100 postcards for $35. If you want something printed on the back, there’s an extra $10 fee. Shop around to find the best deals.

Make sure to order early as delivery can take some time.


If you’re considering making postcards for your next conference, here are some examples to get you inspired.


Postcard by Frank Carey (HNA 2015)


Postcard by Joyce Clement (HNA 2015)


Postcard by Bill Deegan (HNA 2015)


Postcard by Stevie Strang


Art postcards

This beautiful reversible postcard, handmade by Julie Bloss Kelsey, is one of my favorite freebies of all time.

It has everything I like: great haiku, nice paper, good handwriting, 3D objects. Well done!


Reversible postcard (front) by Julie Bloss Kelsey (HNA 2015)


Reversible postcard (back) by Julie Bloss Kelsey (HNA 2015)

Book postcards

If you’ve published a book, a postcard is an excellent promotional tool. I like this simple postcard by Roberta Beary because it promotes her book The Unworn Necklace simply using a beautiful photo and haiku, instead of the usual book cover, making it a beautiful keepsake.



Postcard by Roberta Beary (HNA 2015)

Photo postcards

These two postcards are actually 4×6 photographs printed via Shutterfly. On the back, photographer David Giacalone printed his contact information.


Photo postcard by David Giacalone. (HNA 2015)


Photo postcard by David Giacalone. (HNA 2015)

Souvenir postcards

At HNA 2015, Terry Ann Carter performed her beautiful Chiyo-ni tribute and distributed these postcards to commemorate her unforgettable performance.


Do-it-yourself postcards

If you’re short on time, or are budget-conscious, you can also print postcards on cardstock at home. Just be prepared to spend lots of time cutting them. In this example, Claude Rodrigue also added a touch of color by hand.


Whatever style you chose, make sure to order your postcards early if you want to receive them before the conference.

Did you ever a produce a postcard for a conference? Are you considering creating one? Share your tips.

Postcards not for you? Try a bookmark.

My next post will be about trifolds.



12 thoughts on “Promote your poetry with a beautiful postcard

  1. aloha Jessica. altho i’ve printed and handmade many haiga (and non-haiga) postcards and bookmarks, many of which were freebies and swap creations, i’ve yet to make one for a haiku conference that i could attend. mainly, probably, because my abilities to travel rarely (if ever) have coincided with either dates or locations. someday that concurrence may yet happen. altho there are still obstacles i’d likely have to deal with to actually attend.

    still you give me hope and excitement that it may in deed yet happen. most likely when one takes place in Hawai’i. that would be very cool. always keeping in mind i’d have to know about it long in advance.

    you’ve also given me many ideas moving forward that thrill me along these freebie lines. one i had never considered is the book promotional postcard. i may do that even if not for a haiku conference. yeah. that’s exciting too.

    thank you Jessica for all you do within (as well as outside of) Old Pond Comics. aloha r.

    • Hi Rick, It’s great that you are creating freebies to spread the joy of haiku and your art, even though it’s not for a conference. I sure hope Haiku North America will take place in Hawaii one day. Aloha, Jessica

  2. Hi Jessica…this is just wonderful…love it. Read them all several times…have to get back to writing more diligently…I just have to…and I will. I would like to mention, as well, did you ever print a book of your pond comics? Perhaps I missed it when it happened? I would buy one. I love them so much. One day, too, I should scrape up the money to attend a conference. I have never ever been to one. Have a nice day. Blanca Baquero (Canning, Nova Scotia)

  3. I’m enjoying your series on promotional freebies, Jessica! You inspired me to blog about some freebies I’ve made in the past — a postcard and a pair of “business cards” — at Bill Waters ~~ Haiku ( I also included links to your posts. :- )

  4. Pingback: Why trifolds are one of the best freebies to give away at haiku conferences | Old Pond Comics

  5. Jessica: You are so sweet to include my handmade poetry postcard! I noticed from the picture, though, that one of the cat eyes (mini iridescent rhinestones) fell off of your copy. Oops! I would add that when making promotional materials, one should use supplies that aren’t prone to falling off … Lol. 🙂

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