Spring at my Gate

Working on a New Year’s greeting comic for The Bulletin (January 2017 issue) using Adobe Illustrator.



3 thoughts on “Spring at my Gate

  1. aloha Jessica and happy still-alive-this-year to you (i mean that in a most fun spirit way). this is, as usual, a fun episode—and a great new years greeting.

    I’m curious about and would like to ask about your use of Adobe Illustrator. i hope you don’t mind:

    1- how long have you been using it? or using it for Old Pond Comics?

    2- is this the version where you pay a monthly fee and if it is do you like doing it this way?

    initially i had a full version of Adobe Photoshop. however on one computer i received a lite version bundled with the computer (years ago) and found it suited me for my purposes. i have used a lite version of it every since then updating every few years. i looked at getting the next version and all i could find is subscription based versions. I’m wondering if Adobe Illustrator is monthly fee based too and if it is do you find it’s worthwhile in general?

    thank you for the peek into your creation process.

    be well. and have fun. aloha. rick

    • Hi, I’m using Illustrator CS4 that came on a CD back them.I think if you want to upgrade now you have to do it by monthly subscription and it’s an online version. If you work in the education field as a teacher, staff, etc. you can get a subscription via your Information Technology department for really really cheap! That’s probably what I will have to do next. I’ve been doing OP comics for 10 years and used illustrator since year 2. I think a Lite version is probably all you need.

      • thank you Jessica. yeah, it looks to me like a subscription too. I’m okay for now. i don’t really want to do a subscription tho. if i have the money or can save and get something fine but to have it eaten away monthly list good for me. it looked like you knew what you were doing in the program however i didn’t realize it had been 8 years. it’s looked good and still does. i enjoy Old Pond Comics. be well. walk in beauty. and have fun with laughter in this season. aloha. rick

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