The Bulletin (July 2016)


Last week-end, I went to the Powell street festival in Vancouver. It’s a Japanese-Canadian festival that celebrates Japanese culture  with traditional Japanese food vendors, musical performers, calligraphy, ikebana demonstrations, etc.

I picked up a copy of The Bulletin (July 2016 issue) where I found the Festival schedule and this month’s Old Pond Comics.

And I purchased these beautiful Japanese paper dolls.



2 thoughts on “The Bulletin (July 2016)

  1. aloha Jessica. I appreciate you Old Pond Comics. okay, I’m very visual. Very Cool and congratulations on the publication. it’s fun to see things like this. thank you.

    when I first moved into my current house in Hawai’i I had very traditional Japanese neighbors across the street. the wife often gave out traditional things like these dolls on different occasions. when the family moved back to Japan i was given a lot of little Japanese things, including chopsticks and paper dolls and things like this still in the wrappers. oh and still above my entry door where it catches a breeze, a glass bell cricket wind chime. in fact I’m currently working on a videoku which may go up today or in the next week or two, in which I can hear the chime in the background noise—which I’m trying to keep for the light thunder. . . .

    fun on. aloha rick

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