Official Launch of My Haiku Life video

April is National Poetry month.

And April 17 is International Haiku Day!

The Haiku Foundation launched a series of HaikuLife videos on its website presenting various haiku, poets, projects, and groups. You’ll find a short animation video featuring Kaeru and Kawazu, the two characters of Old Pond Comics.

In this short video, Kaeru, a young frog who wants to learn haiku, becomes the apprentice of Master Kawazu (the famous frog who jumped in Basho’s pond).  You’ll learn about the birth of Kaeru, his childhood and how he developed an interest for haiku. Check it out.

4 thoughts on “Official Launch of My Haiku Life video

  1. Oh I love the look of bewildered disappointment on the parents’ faces at their child’s first word. Priceless! And so much fun to hear the frogs’ perspective on the famous old pond incident – “every frog has heard the horror story…” Great stuff 😀

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