5 thoughts on “where do haiku come from?

      • I was just writing to Miriam Chaikin about her haiku book for children which works so well because it is at once childrens mind/Buddha mind.

        • Are you talking about Don’t step on the sky: a handful of haiku?
          Did she write more haiku books?

          I found this haiku of hers delightful (I don’t know how the lines are broken down, they show like this on the webpage):

          after the rain
          a puddle.


          Don’t step on the sky.

          (I’m guess it’s by Miriam and not by a traditional japanese poet, is that correct?) I gottta read this!

          • Jessica, that’s right – it is by Miriam, the last poem in the book “Don’t Step on the Sky.” All the poems are by her. I like this one also, from the same book:

            Early morning,
            a lone crow on a high post:
            caw caw empty world.


            PS In the original, caw caw is italicized.

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