Ten ways to write a haiku

Your Haiku Master asks you to write and submit an original haiku before midnight.

How do you proceed?

  1. Quantity: You write 100 haiku…. One of them ought to be good.
  2. Stream of consciousness: You take a nap and when you wake up, you write a haiku that came in your dream.
  3. Exercise: You go for a walk… Maybe you’ll see something that will inspire you.
  4. Logic: You write a first verse, then a second, then a third.
  5. Imagination: You imagine yourself in a certain place, at a certain time, and you write about it.
  6. Boost: You pick a season word from a saijiki. Yay! One third of your haiku is done! Only two more verses to go!
  7. Perfection: You won’t put pen to paper until the haiku is clear in your head, then you write it down.
  8. Research: You find out what kind of poems your Haiku Master like and you write something similar.
  9. Panic: You get writer’s block all day, have a panic attack, write a haiku two minutes before the deadline, and then rejoice at how easy it was.
  10. Procrastination: You type “haiku” in your internet browser. Twelve hours later, you updated your blog, commented on your friends’ Facebook status, uploaded pictures on instagram, forgetting why you were surfing on the internet in the first place.

No matter how you proceeded, it’s the final result that matters.



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