How cold is Winnipeg, again?


When I visited Winnipeg during the holidays, the temperatures dropped to  -50C/-58F and the news announced that Winnipeg was officially “colder than in the Arctic” on that particular day.

Coming back from dinner, late that night, I got out of the car and tilted my head back to look at the stars. Mouth open, I took a deep breath and immediately started to cough.

“You frostbit your lungs!” said my friend. “You have to breathe slowly through your nose or through a scarf to warm up the air first.”


ice crystals

a picture, at least,

I can take home (JT)


2 thoughts on “How cold is Winnipeg, again?

  1. Dear Jessica,

    Oh! I can’t imagine being out in that temperature. We are at 18 deg F in Shreveport, LA this morning and I am shivering. Am enjoying your photos and observations very much, but I do miss the “young froggie student”. ;-). You are a very creative lady.

    All the best, Leta

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thanks Leta. I hope you keep warm in Shreveport. The froggie will be back soon. I’m trying to introduce color to the strips so the strips are taking longer to make now. It’s fun to learn about the color process, though.

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