I love my typewriter

After our last bookbinding class, the teacher took us to The Regional Assembly of Text, a stationary store in Vancouver.

The store has a collection of old typewriters which they put to good use once a month, during the Letter Writing Club. During this free event, people are welcome to use the typewriters to write letters. Tea and cookies are served.


(They also have a zine reading room. This place is heaven!)

I asked if they sold typewriter ribbons and they did!

I took the ribbon home and quickly revived my Royal typewriter.


This old Royal typewriter belonged to my aunt. When her office moved to electric typewriters, she gave it to my dad . I typed my first poems on this typewriter.


Opening the hood.


First, a little bit of dusting and cleaning.


Transferring the ribbon on the original spools.




Can you see the red ink on some of the letters?




Time to test the typewriter.


It’s ready!

Do you own a typewriter? What model? Do you still use it?

7 thoughts on “I love my typewriter

  1. Jessica, Love the typewriter story. I’ve shared it with other writer friends who still remember their first typewriter. Best regards, Dennise

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  2. Still have my IBM electric typewriter and a backup ribbon, Jessica. I use it a couple of times a year to fill out forms. πŸ™‚

    • My typing class was on an IBM electric typewriter. I’m totally jealous. Lucky you, to have kept a backup ribbon. Supplies are hard to come by, these days.

      Funny enough, on the package I bought, they don’t call it “typewriter ribbon” they call it a “print cartridge”. I guess the company don’t want to be known as “the company that still produces typewriter ribbons.” πŸ™‚

  3. aloha Jessica. what a treat. i’m not sure if i have my first potable manual typewriter some place or not. i think it was an Underwood Olivetti (but i may be missremembering that), yeah, it was a while ago. i taught myself to type on that with a little help from my mom about finger placement. seeing this post makes me want to go look. a great look to your first word try out.

    related but slightly different:
    i’ve often wanted to create my own alphabet of my hand writing and then place it as a keyboard on my computer. there are expensive ways to do this (or there were a year or two ago when i looked into it) but it seems like there should be a simple way to do it too. and, if that could be done, then we could take the exact letters of say YOUR typing and make that a keyboard on your computer. That to me would be a lot of fun.

    fun on. bwahahahahahaha. “faster delivery”. bwahahahahaha. still has me smiling that one. aloha.

    • Hi Rick. Great memories. I’m sure you miss your Underwood typewriter. As for creating your own electronic lettering, I think it’s possible now. Cartoonists often use their own handwriting and digitize them into fonts. I haven’t looked into it yet, but it should be easy to find and hopefully not expensive. Let us know what you find.

      • what i miss now is the look of those typed pages. i was not a speedy typer. i’ve gotten quicker because of the computer but i’m still slow. and an even slower reader. still. . . . i enjoy both immensely.

        i wanted to also say thank you for your response to my font thoughts. i’d looked and looked and what i said above was the result. however with your words i tried again. those words got me in a short time to a couple of possibilities. one had been around when i looked a few years ago but i never found it. now i’m trying it out. it’s called HandFont (and App). it has a lot going for it altho there are limitations too. still. . . . i’m having fun playing with it and posted something with my own hand writing as a type-able font. way fun. and there are possibilities to explore. . . . thank you. aloha.

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