Haiku Sansaar

Send your haiku to Haiku Sansaar, a new English-Hindi journal, and the editors will take care of the Hindi translation. Wouldn’t that be cool to see your poem translated into Hindi?
early spring
even the roadside puddle
a little brighter
            Bruce Ross
वसन्त का आरम्भ
रास्ते का डबरा भी है
थोड़ा सा चमकदार
               Bruce Ross
* * *

Haiku Sansaar is an online bilingual  English Hindi journal, presenting haiku and its related genres. We present the work of both international and Indian poets who are well-known among their own language groups but unknown outside it.

The journal’s chief goal is to foster understanding and communication among haiku poets and readers who speak different languages so that we can learn from each other. It is our hope that Haiku Sansaar will help to promote friendship in a truly international way.

 Please do have a look at this http://www.haikusansaar.blogspot.in/

 Submissions are welcome till 30th November

 please send 10 to 15 haiku in the body of the email to angeleedeodhar@gmail.com or


Previously published haiku are ok. 

Please give publication credits.

No one word  or one line haiku please.

 Please include your email id and a 100 word bio with your submission

(Source: E-mail from Angelee Deodhar)


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