8 clever ways to display your haiku

Here are 8 clever ways to display your haiku (as seen at the Seabeck Haiku Getaway 2013).

1. Weathergram: hang your haiku outside for everybody to read.

photo - weathergram(Our weathergrams featured poems from Haiku World, by William Higginson)

2. Haiku Mobile (aka “The Sputnik”), an original idea by Tanya McDonald.

photo - haiku mobile(Our “Sputnik” featured poems by guest speaker Marco Fraticelli)

3. On a labyrinth: IMG_4295 IMG_4287(Margaret McGee guided us through the construction of a labyrinth which we then decorated with haiku and natural objects.The labyrinth stayed for the entire conference, for everybody to enjoy.)

4. Flagbook (creations by Susan Callan):

photo - flagbook by Susan McCallan(Susan Callan will teach a flagbook workshop at Seabeck Haiku Getaway 2014. Isn’t that a beautiful way to display your haiku?)

5. Haiku Board (creation by Susan Constable):

Photo haiku board (Susan Constable celebrates each published haiku by printing them on a colorful piece of paper and putting them on a board. She now has two boards in her office! Wow!)

6. Mini-books (creations by Terry Ann Carter):

photo - book by Terry Ann Carter

Photo - book by Terry Ann Carter

(Terry Ann Carter displayed her beautiful handmade books featuring her haiku.)

7. A crankie!

Photo - crankie

Photo - Crankie(Dejah Leger created a crankie featuring all the poems submitted at the kukai. Beautiful!)

8. Leaflets and promotional material.

photo leaflets at Seabeck

(The table at Seabeck was filled with beautiful leaflets and original promotional material)

Don’t hide your haiku in your drawers! Display them proudly!

The next Seabeck Haiku Getaway will take place October 16-19, 2014.


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8 thoughts on “8 clever ways to display your haiku

  1. wow what a treat. again. aloha Jessica. i like this a lot. some of these ideas really click and zing to me.

    and. from seeing this i have the idea to write some on watercolor paper. maybe with paint maybe not. then punch a hole. string a short ribbon. and place on Christmas trees.

    and. maybe also hang them along my walking routes as i walk by for fun.

    this is a great post. way cool aloha.

      • i’m glad you liked the Christmas tree ornament idea. i’m rethinking that as. . . . do you think it may be a bit pretentious to think (my) words are adornments? i can see it if someone else chooses to use (my?) haiku but i’m not sure i can do that. still. . . . the idea is there.

        and the outside tree idea. i like that a lot. however there too i ran into an issue. i can see it on my own tree/property. but it might be looked upon as trash or litter if i places it on someone else’s tree/property. . . . ??

        i havnt given up yet on either idea. i just have to be able to do it in the right way. and if nothing else there is a (little Guyana chestnut) tree in front of my house (i planted some years ago) that would work as a place to hang one—or more, of these. . . . and passer’s by could see and read them. so. . . . we will see how soon this comes to fruition. fun ideas. i like that. aloha.


          • aloha Jessica and Michael. I have a brass sphere Cristmas tree ornament that opens in half on a hinge that I place words in at times. the glass sphere is exquisite, Michael, and the booklet and haiku are priceless gems. one day someday. . . . you see how long it can take me to bring things to fruition.

            maybe this spring (or later this winter—or by seasons??) I’ll attempt the Guyana chestnut tree in front of the house next to the sidewalk. it’s still about 4-5 feet tall. I keep it low or it would tower out of the place/space it has to grow. I’m liking this idea now that I’ve gotten to the point of the weathergrams on Goose Pond. fun. aloha. rick

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