Haiku Hot Springs 2013


I was the official cartoonist-in-residence at Haiku Hot Springs (Hot Springs, Arkansas) that took place at the Arlington Hotel, November 1-2, 2013.

Before the conference, I asked participants to send me their bio and 5-10 haiku and I produced a personalized comic for everybody. Then, on the night of November 1 (10pm-1.30am), I produced comics on the conference.  The next day, I presented the comics and everybody received a printed copy of their personalized comic at the end of my presentation.

With a total of 22 comics, this was the most comics I’ve ever done for one conference!

 opTEMPLATEtransparentfrogsGuylan Gail Paul: “spring rain / new shoes ruined / wading in mud”

opTEMPLATEtransparentfrogsJune Rose Dowis: “sickle moon / letting the cat out / and the night in”

haikhotspringshowardleekilbyHoward Lee Kilby: “spring moon / where did it come from? / this small meow”

opTEMPLATEtransparentfrogsLiving Jewelry, by Susan Delphine Delaney


Dennise Aiello: “he heron waits / at water’s edge / a frog swims by”

comicJune Rose Dowis: “up periscope / past the fencepost / sunflowers”

comicNan Dozier: “ghost moon / in the morning sky / stale donuts”

comicDavid G. Lanoue: “power blackout / we meet / the neigbours”

comicWeb gallery, by Leta Leshe

comicRaffael de Gruttola: “lost in the lights / the high fly ball / that never comes down”

comicCrossword Puzzles, by Vic Fleming

comicPinterest, by Susan Delphine Delaney (who’s our haiku ambassador on Pintest)

comicLunch at McClard’s BBQ (“the restaurant that gave Bill Clinton a heart attack”)

comicLaughter from the heart, by Susan Julie Gonzales

comicLaughter from the heart, by Susan Julie Gonzales

comicLet’s do the twist, by Nan Dozier

comicRaffael de Gruttota: “contact lens / finding it / with one eye” (Raffael’s optometrist framed this haiku and displayed it in his office)

How to take a hot bath in Hot Springs

Step 1: shower.


Step 2: take a hot bath.


Step 3: relax.


Thank you to Howard Lee Kilby and the participants of the Haiku Hot Springs 2013 conference.


Visit Old Pond Comics website for more haiku comics. If you’d like a cartoonist-in-residence for your next haiku event, contact me.

4 thoughts on “Haiku Hot Springs 2013

    • Thank you so much, Claire. Who wouldn’t like a conference where they have spa and massage in the conference schedule! Haiku Hot Springs was a wonderful conference. I enjoyed meeting everybody.

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