NaHaiWriMo #26 (time)

NaHaiWriMo #26 (prompt by Jessica Tremblay: time)

no visitors…
he draws a watch
on his cast (JT)

National Haiku Writing Month continues all year long on Facebook thanks to dozens of participants. In August, the prompts (or writing themes) were given by a different person every day.

August 26 was my day so I’ve chosen the prompt “time” because at the time when the organizer Michael Dylan Welch asked me for a prompt, I was running out of time. 

I have the feeling this is how a lot of the prompts were chosen. Susan Murata, who was in a big sewing project when she was asked for a prompt, gave the theme: seam (one of the hardest prompts this month).

It’s funny how the themes (even though they are only one word), tells us so much abou the personality of the prompters.


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