NaHaiWriMo #27 a bad haiku


NaHaiWriMo #27 a bad haiku

It feels really good not to have to worry about the quality of my haiku today.  The following comic was done for Day 24 (the prompt was to use a word with the letter x in it) but I didn’t like the haiku so I didn’t use it.  Now, I can finally take it out today!

I wrote this comic in response to Kathy Uyen Nguyen’s comment on Facebook. After seeing the wig comic, she commented that she would love to see Master Kawazu in a Mohawk hair style. And I can never say no to a challenge, so…

When I placed a rectangle on Kawazu’s head, it didn’t look like a mohawk but like a letter “I” was placed on his head. It reminded me of the letter L, people place on this forehead for “loser”. And the comic was born…


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