Haiku on KUOW radio


Message from Michael Dylan Welch:

Today on KUOW radio (our Seattle NPR station), haiku was featured for 40 minutes, from 12:20 to 1:00 pm. They focused on summarizing the past year for each individual person.

You can take a listen by going to http://www.kuow.org/program.php?current=TC. Click the audio link and then fast-forward to the 20-minute mark to hear the poems (mostly 5-7-5 creations, since that was what was requested by show host Ross Reynolds, who occasionally called them “haikus” — sigh).

Many poems were presented musically without names, and at least one of them was by a Haiku Northwest member, Patty Hardin. The first line of her poem is “Oh research project.”

Take a listen — and congrats to Patty.       

(Source: Michael Dylan Welch)


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